Company Mission

ASP is a professional security company - Leader in providing Quality security services and solutions. ASP has been operaing on the Bulgarian security market during the last 25 years, initially under the brand name "ASO-Pirelli". The company is a reliable and favourite partner for all its clients, protecting their successful business and personal assets.

  • Credo - „Life without risk“
  • Mission - To provide complex and quality professional solutions in the security sector, as well as their constant improvement. 
  • Vision - ASP vision is based on the following principles - loyalty, reliability and correctness in relations with its clients, partners and employees.


  • The company offers full range security services with national coverage over Bulgaria
  • Highest Quality
  • Over 300 vehicles - special and armoured, patrol, service and administrative vehicles
  • Over 1500 employees
  • The most modern National Surveillance and Monitoring Center
  • Constant Customer Satisfaction Program control over the provided services
  • Motivating and fair work conditions in compliance with all Bulgarian legislation reuirements


Our complex serrvices allow every corporate or individual client, regardles of their address of operations in Bulgaria, to rely on ASP for all their security needs, including: 

  • Mobile Security Patrol
  • Manned Security of sites and buildings
  • Video Monitoring - innovative 24/7 service, alternative to manned security 
  • Video Surveillance
  • Cash Collection 
  • Security Systems - sales and installation

Since its founding in 1993, ASP has been helping its clients to manage and develop their businesses by providing complex professional security solutions. The company is offering a full range of security services: manned security by guards of sites (physical protection), security by video monitoring and reaction of patrol vehicles, cash collection, (cash in-transit), public events security, personal security of individuals, design and installation of technical security systems, as well as solutions on information security and security audit.

ASP Ltd. is one of the leading security companies and agencies in Bulgaria - Quality Service Leader. As a leading security company, ASP offers Quality SOT, MSP, Mobile Security Patrol,Manned Security,Video Surveillance,Video Monitoring, Cash collection and comprehensive security at optimal prices in its offices in Sofia, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Varna, Bourgas, Pleven, Pazardjik, Blagoevgrad, Rousse, Vratsa, Dobrich, Haskovo, Veliko Turnovo, Gabrovo, Targovishte, Dupnitsa, Shoumen, Smolyan and entire Bulgaria.

In 2005 ASP Ltd. implemented and integrated quality system for management of quality, safety and health in the work environment, under international standards ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007. In 2013 the company also implemented a Standard for information protection ISO 27001: 2013.

Our confidence that we can always offer our clients the best solution comes from the professional experience accumulated in many successful projects of the ASP Ltd. team. We offer security-related services to both the large scale companies, institutions and organizations as well as individuals. We also realize that the trust invested in us is a responsibility to be a reliable partner that would justify the customers' highest expectations. Our attitude towards the services we offer is visible in all our successful projects. This is one of the shared values ​​that give us the confidence that the success of our customers will accompany us in the future.
Petar Milanov

Licences & Certificates

Certificate for trademark registration № 010282184 / 16.03.2012, issued by the Internal market harmonization institution.
National Licence (PSL/ЧОД)
National Licence № 960/04.12.2006 for providing private security services, issued by (ДНСП), Ministry of Interior.
Certificate for Integrated systems for quality management
Certificate for Integrated systems for quality management – ISO 9001:2008, by OHMI Euro Cert SARL.
Certificate for Integrated system of labor health and safety
Certificate for Integrated system of health and safety labor conditions –OHSAS 18001:2007, by OHMIEuroCert SARL.
Certificate under the British standard for information security
Certified under the British standard for information security ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and product certification of technical security systems.
Cerificate by Commission for Personal Data Protection (КЗЛД)
Cerificate by Commission for Personal Data Protection (КЗЛД) № 0001193 /2004 as an administrator of personal data.
Permit from Communications Regulations Commission (КРС) № 01289
Permit № 01289/ 25.09.2008 and ammendment № 01289 / 10.05.2012 by CRC for using individually allocated resource of radio-frequency spectrum – PMR on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria.
Permit from Communications Regulations Commission (КРС) № 01290
Permit № 01290/25.09.2008 and ammendment № 01290 / 10.05.2012 by CRC for using individually allocated resource of radio-frequency spectrum – PMR on the territory of Sofia city.
Permit from Communications Regulations Commission (КРС) № 01215
Permit № 01215/11.09.2008 and ammendment № 01215 / 19.04.2012 by CRC for trasnferring longrange messages via long-range network, using "point to point" method.
Member of (НАЛСИЧОД)
Since 2001 ASP Ltd. is a member in the National association individuals and companies providing private security services. The company is certified - Certificate № 00023/ 20.12.2001
Successful technical projects

Technical and security systems installations and projects performed by ASP team.