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As an innovative company with a mission to introduce on the Bulgarian market high quality security services, fair payment to employees and 100% compliance with the Bulgarian law,  ASP has a pro-active attitude to all positive initiatives, related to the modern development of Bulgaria and its society. During its 25-year history, the company has supported numerous social and non-profit organisations or personal initiatives.

Currently, ASP is following its comprehensive "CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility" policy. The CSR strategy of the company focuses on providing support for people and organisations that bring maximum positive effects for Bulgaria and its citizens. Our goal is to support as many as possible diverse social or public initiatives, that represent positive examples for more Bulgarians to continue working for Bulgaria's future.

Following its CSR policy, in 2018 ASP selected "For Bulgaria" online platform and social community -, as the best partner for fulfilling our CSR strategy. ASP joined the community as a key corporate partner for "For Bulgaria" and tries to help and support every positive project/initiative that appears on the platform. The platform and the community includes over 1400 registered active supporters, both individuals and organisations. In the community and on its platforms non-profit organisations, non-formal goups or individuals can find support (financial, moral, volunteer) for their project, initiative or public problem.