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ASP is an agency for security and protection and as a Qaulity Leader maintains a comprehensive system for training, control, maximum possible salaries and motivational bonuses for old and new administrative and security personnel. This system is applied in the main office and all regional offices in Sofia, Plovdiv, Bourgas, varna, Stara Zagora, Pleven and the whole country.

Our team is the most valuable asset, responsible for ASP success. Our priority is to constantly invest in trainings and qualification improvement of our employees, which allows us to meet high business requirements.

Highly qualified specialists with extensive security and operative experience are training our guards to obtain internationally recognized certificates.

In addition to the preliminary training, our guards/emplyees participate in industry-specific trainings and are annually subject of a mandatory examination and testing.

We pay special attention to our guards' attitude on the work place, their communication skills and interaction with our customers. They are being trained on site to practical skills for reaction under extreme circumstances, to be able to protect our clients and theirs belongings from any kind of criminal acts. Only in this way, ASP can guarantee high quality service and safe working environment for our clients.


Main goals of the training process:

  • Preparation of highly qualified guards for all ASP services;
  • Improvement of guards professional qualification.


Additional goals of the training process:

  • Initial training of guards;
  • Preparation of specialists for the licenced for training professions;
  • Leading a specialized mandatory rpofessional training of all "ASP" Ltd operating personnel (guards) for services: manned/guards protection, cash collection, personal security service for individuals, events protection.


Main tasks of the training:

  • The trained guards must learn knowledge, skills and habits, needed for their professions;
  • They must build organisational and work qualities, required for the specific security activity;
  • The training team must provide high quality professional training, guaranteed by constant control of all stages of the qualification process.