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1. EPay, Debit and Credit cards - online payment via ePay system

In order to make an online payment to ASP, you can use several options in the ePay system:

  • directly from your ePay balance;
  • with your debit or credit card, if you are registered in the ePay system. 

You can register or to receive more information on .

Once you have registered in ePay, you will receive CPC (Client Personal Code), which you must enter in the online form, in oreder to complete the payment.

2. EASYPAY - on EasyPay cash desks

In order to pay via EasyPay

  • you do not need to have a registration
  • you can pay anyway you want (cash, with a debit or credit card)
  • you can pay in any of the 1500 offices in Bulgaria.


IMPORTANT: In order to make the payment, you will have to know and tell the EasyPay employees one of the following: identification code from your ASP invoice, your BULSTAT or EGN, depending on whether your are individual or corporate client.

IMPORTANT: If you want to pay for a longer period (not only the current invoice) first you need to call ASP Contact Center 0700 11 112, so that our team can issue an invoice for advance payment that will then be available in EasyPay system for payment.

3. TRASNCARD - online payment via the Transcard website with trans.card and cards

In order to pay your monthly bill to ASP via this method, you need to have a Transcard card. You need to log in to your profile in the trascard website . From the section "Utility bills" („Битови сметки онлайн”) choose the option "Registration for payment" (“Регистрация за плащане”), choose „ASP Ltd.”  and enter the required data.


4. IN CASH  - available only for customers in Sofia city

  • Main office - 6 Pirin street, Pavlovo, Sofia





IBAN Account: BG94BUIN80901047004312

ASP Information: ASP Ltd („ Ей Ес Пи“ ЕООД)

IMPORTANT: In the payment subject you Must provide your SITE NUMBER from the ASP system!

Shoudl you have any questions or problems making a payment, do not hesitate to contact our Contact Center on the phones below!