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ASP offers security consultancy services to all its new and existing customers, as part of our desire to be your long-term trusted partner. Our goal is to find the best security solution for each site and customer.


In meetings with potential clients, we see every day how sites are inefficiently guarded, especially in view of modern technical opportunities. Our 30 years experience in security services shows that it is of upmost importance to find the right security solution for each site.


We do not offer ready-made security models. The preparation of the security strategy for each site is a collaborative process, with the participation of our customers. Our diverse client portfolio and 30 years of experience helped us accumulate considerable expertise in the security business. We also apply the best global practices in our services in Bulgaria.


We offer you a consultation in order to find the best and most effective security solution for your site. Get in touch with our team at the contacts below.

For enquiry and consultation feel free to contact our team


ASP is a long-term security partner and services provider for numerous companies from a large array of business sectors –  multinational brands and companies, leading chain stores, office buildings, business and industrial parks, production and industrial facilities, banks, logistic companies, building sites, hotels and residential areas, hospitals and educational institutions, companies from the energy and telecommunications sectors.


ASP is the Quality Leader and our team is constantly working to maintain the highest quality security services among security companies in Bulgaria.

Client Satisfaction

The customer satisfaction is a key goal for our team. ASP monitors the clients satisfaction on regular basis through complex system, personal approach to every client and online channels.

Client Results

Our experience shows that best way to evaluate company's performance is to ask for a review its current clients. After an initial meeting, we can provide you with contact details of key ASP clients, to discuss with them our work.


Our team is in constant touch with its corporate and individual clients. We communicate every aspect of our services with the client. Every recommendation or remark is strictly analyzed and improved.

Organisation & Technologies

We apply a complex system of rules, management instruments and modern AI security technologies. We use the latest trends in business management, ISO standards, artificial intelligence and virtual security services.

Business Approach

Our business approach means that we always put the client interest first. Our services and prices are result-oriented towards real business effects for our clients. Our clients know that our services are worth paying for.

Valued Employees

ASP constantly modernizes its services, but our employees remain our most important asset. We hire the best applicants and provide opportunities for career development. We measure the performance of every employee and value the quality professionals.



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