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ASP is the quality security company in Bulgaria with focus on high client satisfaction from all our comprehensive services with national coverage

ASP team works constantly for a leading position in terms of quality for the manned security services. We guarantee this with a complex system for training and control of our guards. The combination between human resources organisation and modern technologies, allows us to achieve outstanding quality of the services…

Mobile Security Patrol is the SOD service of ASP in Bulgaria. To our international and Bulgarian business, as well as individual clients, we offer outstanding quality services with brand new patrol cars. We install only secure technical equipment and cover Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Stara Zagora, Pleven, Plovdiv…

Our service Video Surveillance (monitoring) represents constant surveillance of your property from our 24/7 center with reaction by mobile car patrols in case of robbery or emergency. Our surveillance service stands out from similar ones of the competition with it constant characteristics…

Installation and maintenance of all types of security systems, surveillance cameras, fire alarm access control systems, etc…

Our secure and quality cash collection service “Cash Management” covers all Bulgaria’s territory at optimal prices with more than 120 armored vehicles with top protection and full protection insurance for all transported valuables…


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ASP is one of the best security companies in Bulgaria and constantly focused on being theĀ quality leader for security services. We are one of the 5 leading security providers in Bulgaria and the choice of multinational companies and foreign investors for their properties and businesses in the country.

Client Satisfaction

The customer satisfaction is a key goal for our team. ASP monitors the clients satisfaction on regular basis through complex system, personal approach to every client and online channels

Measurable Results

Our competitive advantages and work principles help ASP team to achieve high and measurable results for our clients. Our quality security services guarantee the safety of the guarded properties


Our team is in constant touch with its corporate and individual clients. We communicate every aspect of our services with the client. Every recommendation or remark is strictly analyzed and improved

Organisation, Rules & Technologies

In ASP, we apply a complex system of rules, management instruments and modern technologies to achieve maximum quality. We follow the latest trends in business management, ISO standards and professional consultant services

Business Approach

Our business approach means that we always put the client interest first. Our services and prices are result-oriented towards real business effects for our clients. Our clients know that our services are worth paying for

Valued Employees

ASP constantly modernizes its services, but our employees remain our most important asset. We hire the best applicants, provide opportunities for career development within the company. We measure the performance of every employee and value the quality professionals




ASP is the high quality security company in Bulgaria. We are one of the 5 leading security providers in Bulgaria and top providers of security services to big multinational companies, local businesses and individual clients. The company has been developing its services for more than 25 to assure professional security for its thousands of clients. ASP offers comprehensive security services – manned and guards security, video surveillance and monitoring, cash collection, mobile patrol security, home and business alarm system installation. Our network of offices includes Bulgarian cities like the capital Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Stara Zagora, Pleven, Yambol, Ruse, Vratsa, Dupnica, Shumen, Dobrich, Haskovo, Veliko Tarnovo, Targovishte, Dobrich etc.

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